Mobile Hub Spring 2018

This video is a compilation of highlights from our Mobile Hub event we held on May 1st, 2018. Our tutors are hard at work helping UIS students improve their writing and work on their final projects for the Spring 2018 semester.

Music by Bensound

Do you need help with your final writing assignments? Contact The Learning Hub today to set up an appointment, or visit our walk-in hours (see flyers below):

Brookens Library Writing Walk In Hours Spring 2018 FlyerFounders Residence Hall Writing Walk In Hours Spring 2018 Flyer

Writing Madness Begins!

It’s March! That means that we’re beginning our Writing Madness bracket voting. The Learning Hub’s writing staff collected responses from many of our UIS freshman class to the question: “What do you find frustrating about writing?”

With this information, we calculated the top 16 responses, and made a bracket:


Throughout the month of March, we’d like UIS students to vote on these pairings, so we can whittle these 16 writing issues down to the #1 most frustrating aspect about writing. We will then provide resources on the top issues so that we can all breathe a little easier, and write a little better.

Our first round of voting is live now! If you are a UIS student and would like to participate, you can find the survey here:


Voting will close at 12:00pm CST on Tuesday, March 6th. Then the second round will begin next Wednesday, March 7th. Check back for the new link each week until we have our winner!

In addition, we’re kicking off our Writing Madness month of March with a compilation video about what our writing staff find frustrating about writing. Check it out below!


What drives you mad about writing? Comment below! Thank you so much for participating!

Entitled to a Title

By Patrick

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This month we’re breaking bad writing habits, and this week we’re specifically talking about how important titles are to a paper. They convey so much in so few words, so it’s very important to take advantage of its power to entice your reader to read what you’ve written!

Check out what Patrick has to say in the video below, and then see our handout on creating well crafted titles to help you break this bad writing habit!


Combat your bad writing habits by visiting with one of our writing staff in The Learning Hub! Make an appointment today!

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

Everyone has bad habits when it comes to your writing process and writing skills. Don’t be ashamed to admit it! Knowledge of your bad habits is the first step toward breaking them and improving yourself as a student or professional.

Let’s all pledge this month to break up… Breaking up is never an easy process, but hopefully with the tips we’ll be providing this month, breaking up with your bad writing habits will be possible, and manageable!

In this video kicking off our February 2018, The Learning Hub’s writing staff admit to their bad writing habits. What are some of yours? Comment below!

Combat your bad writing habits by visiting with one of our writing staff in The Learning Hub! Make an appointment today!

How to Find The Learning Hub

Welcome to UIS, new students! And welcome back, returning students! We hope you take time during your busy first week to come visit us in The Learning Hub. Trouble is, The Learning Hub is tucked away into one of the most confusing buildings on the UIS campus. If you need help finding out where our office is, check out this video, where we physically walk you there from Founders Residence Hall!

Come and visit us, and talk to us about scheduling appointments for your classes!

The Learning Hub

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(217) 206-6503

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8:30am to 4:30pm

Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Love at First Cite! – What We Love About Writing

In this sweet little compilation, The Learning Hub’s writing staff say what they love about writing. This video is our send off to our Love at First Cite! theme for February. Stay tuned next month; the theme is going to be absolute Madness!

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