Carving and Serving Your Turkey

Throughout the month of November, The Learning Hub will be discussing how undertaking preparing and cooking the turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner is like going through the various stages of the writing process. This video? Carving and Serving your turkey – it’s like going through the revising and editing step of the process, and Patrick goes over Office 365 and Microsoft Word’s grammar assistance functionality.

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by Daymon


On Halloween, we imagine ourselves differently. We paint our faces and become new characters. We mock the macabre and generally celebrate all that is strange and wonderful in life—particularly candy.

We see ourselves and others differently for a day. It is liberating.

Believe it or not, writing revisions can also be liberating. It’s an opportunity to look closely at your writing voice, to see your thoughts in a new light—perhaps with added depth and meaning.

What if you injected some humor in your writing here, like putting on some clown makeup? What if you delayed some revealing information over there, like the growing suspense of your favorite Halloween thriller?

There are many aspects of revision that simply ensure you have met the assignment requirements and presented a clear argument. You can find several of these revision strategies in the handout linked below.

But revision can also be an opportunity to re-see (re-vision) your words—and yourself—differently. Happy Halloween!

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