Writing Madness Consolation Post #8 – Citation!

The third round of our Writing Madness bracket has concluded, which left us with two writing issues that won’t be participating in the next round of voting. The Learning Hub’s writing staff will be presenting them along with specific resources to help you overcome your frustrations with them. This time? Citation!

by Erica

As we’ve finally come to the end of our Writing Madness bracket, we must recognize the fallen. Our writing topics have led a valiant effort to claim the title of “most maddening.” We thank you for your votes and for following us on this journey of frustrations. One of these fallen is Citations, our third place finalist. Citations can be tricky. Beyond just MLA and APA, one of the most challenging parts is knowing when to cite and how to cite. Citations aren’t just another requirement for your paper, but are important ethically as well. When we cite, we give credit for others’ ideas and show that we’re familiar with what has been written about our topic. Here at The Learning Hub, we acknowledge that it can be difficult to know when to cite, what to cite, and how to cite. To help you navigate those questions and prove your ethics and knowledge as a writer, we’ve created a handout to help you avoid plagiarism by citing properly.

For more tips, see the Learning Hub’s handout on writing introductions below, visit the Learning Hub’s website for more handouts on writing skills, make an appointment with a tutor, and keep your eye on this blog!

I hope you found this resource helpful, and remember to check back tomorrow to find out which is the most frustrating writing issue faced by UIS students.

War on Plagiarism

Tools to Defend Your Credibility as a Student and Writer

by Raven


As the spooky month of scary movie re-runs, haunted house trips, and tons of candy corn slowly approaches its climax (Halloween), consider the true terror lurking in the minds of every stressed-out college student. It feeds off of your insecurities and digs its poisonous tentacles into your brain. It dissolves your creativity and critical thinking and replaces it with acidic thoughts and intentions that can destroy your educational and professional prospects. Beware the enemy of every student and educational professional; beware the tortuous demon, Plagiarism.

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