Love at First Cite! – MLA 8th Edition

It’s the handouts we’ve all been waiting for… MLA 8th edition handouts! Yes, handouts. Two handouts.


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Don’t panic. Breathe.


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Ok. So, why two handouts?

For the eighth edition, MLA is moving to a new system that requests the same information across all sources in the form of core elements and optional elements in the works cited page. The first MLA guide is comprehensive and reviews in-text and parenthetical citations along with how to construct the works cited page.  It describes what each element is and how it appears across different sources. Some terms like “Title of Container” may seem scary and unfamiliar, and this guide goes into a little more detail on what the term means, and is really useful to figure out how to learn the whole citation system.

In contrast, the “cheat sheet” focuses on how to cite specific kinds of sources, like print, electronic, and film. In MLA 7th edition, each time a new source type came out (like citing tweets), MLA would have to construct a new way to cite that source. This meant that writers had to look up how to cite each individual source. This is how many students are used to looking up how to cite a particular kind of source, and the cheat sheet is organized by source type, but still explains where there is flexibility and where you can make your own choices.

Unlike the 7th edition, you might find there is more than one way to cite a source correctly. Depending on your writing context and what you’re discussing in your paper, you may cite that source differently than if you were to use that same source in another paper.


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As a writer using MLA 8th edition, you will find that you are able to make more choices about how you want to represent your source in your works cited page. Learn about your options in the handouts or come book an appointment through The Learning Hub to find out more!

MLA 8th Edition (full handout)

MLA 8th Edition (Cheat Sheet)

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Love at First Cite! – Formatting Papers in MLA and APA Style

by Sarah

In these two video tutorials, Sarah, our Writing Coordinator, shows you how to properly format your papers in both MLA and APA style. She is using a PC and Microsoft Word to do this, so if you have a Mac, please note that the functuality may be a bit different.





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