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Hello, my name is Nick Dabbs.  I am a senior, an English major, and I am also a Writing Peer Tutor here at UIS.  Writing, to me, is a self-expressive process; it is an artistic form that allows an individual to express elements of their personality, style, thought process, and beliefs into a written piece of work.  My hope is to help other individuals see their own potential as writers, and it is my goal to foster a positive, supportive, and collaborative environment so that individuals feel both confident in sharing their work and feel a sense of accomplishment with what they have written.

Aside from writing, I enjoy music (both listening to it and playing it), I love horror movies, riding my bike, and reading (especially Bret Easton Ellis’s work).  I look forward to working with students from all walks of life.

Quote: “Have you paid your dues, Jack?  Yes, sir, the check is in the mail.” – Jack Burton


Hi, my name is Sidney DeLeonardo. I am starting my first year as a graduate student in English at UIS. I love literature. One of my favorite novels is Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth. I enjoy writing both academically and creatively. Though writing is stressful, it can also be a fulfilling and enjoyable activity. I look forward to helping all of you become the best writers you can be. In my spare time I enjoy doing yoga, making art, cooking delicious meals, and playing with my dog.


Hi! My name is Michael. I am a graduate student starting my Digital Publishing studies at UIS. I previously worked as a Writing Peer Tutor during my junior and senior years as an undergraduate student. With a BA in English, I look forward to meeting with students to assist them on various writing related assignments.


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Comments for The Learning Hub

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Maintain Your Writing Skills Over the Summer

by Patrick

How can students stay up to snuff with their writing over the summer, so that they are fresh and ready to tackle their next academic year at college? Check out this Moovly video we created to help give you some ideas, and go ahead and give them a try while going on your adventures before August 28th!

Check out some of our other handouts that can help you follow our advice in this video:

Email Etiquette


What is Multimodal?

The Learning Hub is open this summer for tutoring! Please contact us to make an appointment to get help with your classes over these eight short weeks!

So Long Seniors…

by Alex

As exciting the end of the spring semester is, it is a little bitter sweet for us at The Learning Hub because this is the time of year when we have to say goodbye to our graduating seniors. Although we will miss them, we know they will be going forward to do amazing things.

alec.jpgAlec began working for us two years ago as a writing TA and is graduating with a masters in history. After graduation, he will be participating in an 8-week intensive Latin course at the University of Chicago this summer. We suspect he will enjoy living closer to the Cubs and sincerely hope he can bring Bow Tie Tuesdays to the city. He was the winner of the following prestigious Learning Hub awards: Most Writing Appointments, Writing Employee of the Year, and Most Likely to Leave a Beverage Behind. We will miss him dearly, but we will not miss the beverages and food he often left behind at the front desk.

erica.jpgErica started two years ago as a peer tutor and will be graduating with a degree in English with minors in women and gender studies and environmental science. In August, Erica will move to Mozambique as she begins her journey with the Peace Corps. Anyone who visited The Learning Hub on any regular basis was familiar with her sitting near the front desk wrapped in a Snuggie. She kept most of the staff well fed on a diet of Indian food delivery, sass, and great Snapchat photos. She was the winner of the following prestigious Learning Hub awards: Most Likely to Live at The Hub After Graduation and Most Likely to Order Lunch Delivery.

13537529_10154306481304910_6575723985330775917_n.jpgCourtney came to us at the beginning of the spring semester this year and is graduating with a master’s in English. During most of the time we’ve known her, she’s been completing an ambitious thesis, but despite that, she still made an effort to get to know us all and participate in Hub events. She is particularly good at sneaking cards out of discard piles to replay them. She has been accepted at the PhD program at Illinois State University and will continue to rock the academic world. She is the winner of the prestigious Best Smile at The Learning Hub.

mbakebitmoji.jpgLast fall, Michael graduated early and after one and a half years of working at The Learning Hub, he left us. Although he started out as a quiet employee, we felt he came out of his shell during an internship with The Hub over the summer. He remains one of the sassiest employees on record with a very dry sense of humor. Our online subscribers never got to see or hear Michael—he wanted his identity to remain a mystery. We created a bitmoji model of Michael in his likeness, but admittedly, it does not capture the long locks he was known for (before he cut it all off.) He is the winner of the Most Majestic Hair Award.

erin.jpgWe’ve been grateful to have Erin working as our Academic Skills TA for the last two and a half years. She will be graduated with a masters in human development counseling. She will be leaving us to live in sunny Florida and is currently searching for a job as a school counselor. In addition to being able to organize and color code your entire life, she is also extremely skilled at Mario Kart and ordering Ubers. We will miss her positive energy, her love of dogs, and her favorite companion, Starbucks coffee. She was awarded Employee of the Year, Best Guest at a Party, and the Most Done/Stressed Employee awards.

Although some of you may not have had the opportunity to meet Amanda, Jarrett, and Sarah online through our blog, we hope you had an opportunity to meet them during math appointments, SI study sessions, and accounting appointments.


Thank you all for all the time you’ve spent helping students and making The Hub such an amazing place to study and work for!


The Five Stages of Finals

by Alex

There have been many lists about the various stages of finals. At The Hub, we decided to make our own Harry Potter-themed list for your nerdy enjoyment.

  1. The Procrastination Phase

When finals begin, some students have a low key sense of confidence—that they can handle finals—that they’re ready and don’t actually need to study. But more often, students underestimate the time it takes to prepare for finals or want to put off studying as long as possible. This is the calm before the storm.


Regardless of your motivations, you should not be deceived. You should be studying. Not sleeping.

  1. Panic Mode

When the procrastination phase ends, it ends abruptly and swiftly. It’s when the realization hits you that you may have much more to do than you anticipated.


Panic comes in stages and in varying degrees. Some students may panic as if they’ve just heard news that there is, in fact, a troll in the dungeon.


Some students even have full on melt downs from too much stress.


We’d much rather you skip this phase and just move onto the next stage.

  1. Productivity

Often fueled by Panic Mode, the productivity stage allows you to take a deep breath, and calm down enough to start getting something done.


Getting to this stage is the most crucial part of succeeding during finals. If you can get through the first two stages, or even skip them all together, you will be in much better shape for your finals. You may not even have to pull all nighters!

  1. Grim Acceptance

There comes a point when you have done all the preparation possible. Sometimes, it may not seem like enough. Thus, we call this phase Grim Acceptance—the stage that allows you to finally stop studying and working and accept what you were able to complete, but it may not bring the relief you were hoping for.

  1. Actual Acceptance

Upon the completion of a final exam or turning in a final paper, actual acceptance arrives—you have done all you can and relief finally starts setting in. You get a spring in your step—a breath of fresh air—new found confidence that you have just conquered your finals.


Are you in any of these stages now? Contact The Learning Hub and see how we can help!