Commonly Confused Words – Allusion vs Illusion

by Michael

The Difference Between a
Reference & a Mind Trip

Today’s commonly confusing duo is none other than allusion and illusion. The former can best be seen in trashy reality television programming when contestants or personalities take passive jabs at each other, also known as throwing shade. The latter is usually associated with magic, hallucinations after taking one too many shots, and is also the title of an underrated, yet slightly misogynistic Edward Norton and Jessica Biel film, The Illusionist.

Allusion (n)

An indirect reference; calling something to attention without stating it outright.


Illusion (n)

A misinterpreted perception or presentation of an image that confuses the senses.



Hope you enjoyed, or at the very least, understood learning the difference between these commonly confused words. Don’t forget to check out the resources to learn more about allusion and illusion and other words they are confused with! Stay tuned throughout April for more confusing pairs.


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