Commonly Confused Words – Insure vs Ensure!

By Daymon

The English language never misses an opportunity to try to confuse us. Today, we’re looking at two words with a one letter difference.


ENSURE has two Es

just like all good GUARANTEES


When we ensure something, we’re making it certain, guaranteeing something, or keeping it safe.

Keeping it safe?! That sounds like the meaning of the other word!


INSURE and insurance both start with I,

which is something I’m sure to buy


When we insure something, we purchase insurance for it or we make something certain.

Both of these words can mean to make something certain?!


Yes, there’s some overlap there. But generally you can use INSURE for financial transactions of any sort and ENSURE for guarantees.


Good luck as you work on managing the differences in these commonly confused words! Stay tuned for more resources throughout the month of April on other commonly confused word pairs and combos!


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