7 Study Tips to Get Through Finals Week

by Sidney

Finals week is stressful, but success is possible! With a little planning you can make it through finals in one piece.

Make a list or a visual aid with all the things you have to do

This allows you to break your work into manageable pieces. It can be overwhelming to think about all the things you need to do. Making a list of the steps it takes to accomplish each goal allows you to focus on one thing a time.


Create your own study guide

This helps you take ownership of the information. Putting ideas into your own words helps you commit them to memory because you are thinking about meaning more deeply and using language that makes sense to you.


Study with friends or organize a study group

Being around other people who are also working on tasks can be an effective way to stay focused. If you are studying with other students from a specific class, you can share ideas and help each other better understand the course content.


Set deadlines ahead of your deadlines

If you have a big paper or project due, it can be helpful to set deadlines for yourself so you don’t end up having to pull stressful all-nighters. If you tend to procrastinate try tricking yourself into getting started early by making a “pretend” deadline.


 Find new places to study

A new environment can help you think more clearly. Maybe the local coffee shop provides the right amount of distraction to keep you focused. If you need complete silence try finding the perfect spot in the library to work without distractions.



It can be tempting to focus on the subjects you are best at, but create a balance between subjects that come naturally and ones you find challenging. Sometimes saving your favorite work for last can be motivation to get through work you would rather put off until the end.


Take Breaks

Make sure to build breaks into your study schedule. It is important to reward yourself for hard work. When you have accomplished one or two things on your list allow yourself time to recharge before taking on the next task.


Good Luck!!!


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