The Five Stages of Finals

by Alex

There have been many lists about the various stages of finals. At The Hub, we decided to make our own Harry Potter-themed list for your nerdy enjoyment.

  1. The Procrastination Phase

When finals begin, some students have a low key sense of confidence—that they can handle finals—that they’re ready and don’t actually need to study. But more often, students underestimate the time it takes to prepare for finals or want to put off studying as long as possible. This is the calm before the storm.


Regardless of your motivations, you should not be deceived. You should be studying. Not sleeping.

  1. Panic Mode

When the procrastination phase ends, it ends abruptly and swiftly. It’s when the realization hits you that you may have much more to do than you anticipated.


Panic comes in stages and in varying degrees. Some students may panic as if they’ve just heard news that there is, in fact, a troll in the dungeon.


Some students even have full on melt downs from too much stress.


We’d much rather you skip this phase and just move onto the next stage.

  1. Productivity

Often fueled by Panic Mode, the productivity stage allows you to take a deep breath, and calm down enough to start getting something done.


Getting to this stage is the most crucial part of succeeding during finals. If you can get through the first two stages, or even skip them all together, you will be in much better shape for your finals. You may not even have to pull all nighters!

  1. Grim Acceptance

There comes a point when you have done all the preparation possible. Sometimes, it may not seem like enough. Thus, we call this phase Grim Acceptance—the stage that allows you to finally stop studying and working and accept what you were able to complete, but it may not bring the relief you were hoping for.

  1. Actual Acceptance

Upon the completion of a final exam or turning in a final paper, actual acceptance arrives—you have done all you can and relief finally starts setting in. You get a spring in your step—a breath of fresh air—new found confidence that you have just conquered your finals.


Are you in any of these stages now? Contact The Learning Hub and see how we can help!




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