Writing Madness Consolation Post #6 – Conclusions!

The second round of our Writing Madness bracket has concluded, which left us with four writing issues that won’t be participating in the next round of voting. The Learning Hub’s writing staff have picked two of these four, and this week we will be presenting them along with specific resources to help you overcome your frustrations with them. This time? Conclusions!

by Patrick

The conclusion is the most exciting part of the paper, not only because it’s finally over, but also because the conclusion is what your reader remembers the most about your work. It is, therefore, a grand opportunity to leave your imprint in the minds and hearts of readers. How?

First of all, by telling the public why the work in your paper is so important, and why the discussion/debate about the issue needs to be energized or revised. Secondly, it is also the appropriate time to call to action and take a stand, because if nothing is done about it, somebody will incur a heavy loss.

If only one person reads, analyzes, gets up, and acts, you have done your job; with a little practice, you could convince droves to act according to your views. None of this is possible, however, if your conclusions are weak and non-compelling. Conclusions are important indeed!

For more info on how to write effective conclusions, take a look at our conclusions handout below:

For more tips, see the Learning Hub’s handout on writing introductions below, visit the Learning Hub’s website for more handouts on writing skills, make an appointment with a tutor, and keep your eye on this blog!

I hope you found this resource helpful, and remember to vote in the final round to determine the most frustrating writing issue faced by UIS students. Voting will commence on Wednesday, March 22nd and will conclude on Tuesday, March 28th at 12:00pm CST!


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