Writing Madness Consolation Bracket #4 – Choosing a Topic!

The first round of our Writing Madness bracket has concluded, which left us with eight writing issues that won’t be participating in the next round of voting. The Learning Hub’s writing staff have picked four of these eight, and over the next week we will be presenting them along with specific resources to help you overcome your frustrations with them. This time? Choosing a Topic!

by Brock

Choosing the topic of your paper is one of the first steps in the process of writing.  It can also be one of the most frustrating.  As you open a Word document or begin to sketch prewriting ideas, your head may become cluttered with questions like “What is my topic? How do I take all this dense information from class and assigned readings and turn it into a paper?  How do I know when a topic is strong or weak?  How many energy drinks do I need to purchase in order to complete this paper?”  All of these questions are common among writers.  Luckily, the Learning Hub has a handout called “Subject to Thesis” which is a great way to begin thinking about your topic.  It covers how to go from a subject to a focused topic, and then even explains how to craft a thesis statement for your topic. Check it out below!

For more tips, see the Learning Hub’s handout on writing introductions below, visit the Learning Hub’s website for more handouts on writing skills, make an appointment with a tutor, and keep your eye on this blog!

Also, don’t forget to vote in our writing madness bracket! Round three of voting begins tomorrow, Wednesday March 15th! Stay tuned!


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