Love at First Cite! – MLA, APA, and Turabian Styles

Welcome to February! This month, we’ll be showing you various handouts, tutorials, and other resources to help you understand citation methods for your academic papers. Hopefully you grow to love it!

This week, we have our handouts on the three most common styles: MLA (7th edition), APA (6th edition), and Turabian (Chicago) (7th edition). MLA is not current, so if your instructors are asking you to use MLA 8th edition, then stay tuned. We’ll be providing some resources very soon about how to navigate the differences in the new updates.

MLA Style (7th edition)

APA Style (6th edition)

Turabian Style (7th edition)

Click on the link below, and it will take you to our homesite, where you can check out other resources to improve your writing skills and prepare you for academic, professional, and civic writing.

UIS The Learning Hub Handouts



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