What We’re Thankful For – Alex!

For the month of November, The Learning Hub’s Writing Staff is going to be saying what we’re thankful for this year. Join in in the comments! What are YOU thankful for? What writing aspects could you not live without? We want to hear!

Hi, my name is Alex Ayers, one of the Writing Specialists here at The Learning Hub. When I was a kid, I enjoyed writing stories in my free time and expected to continue my life as a creative writer. Instead, I found my passion while working at Knox College’s learning center as a writing tutor. Very quickly, I discovered how much I loved tutoring, talking to students about their writing, and learning about writing center theories. My work in writing centers continued at Western Illinois University where I earned my MA in English and focused my research on online writing centers. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to be a part of four different learning centers in various tutoring and administrative capacities, but I’m most excited about being here at UIS and having the opportunities to work with you and your writing. Aside from tutoring, I love completing Pokedexes, playing with other people’s dogs, practicing tai kwon do, and baking. I hope to see you soon!

*music by BenSound


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