by Patrick Anderson

Master of Ceremony (M.C).: Introductions are inevitably hard for the average mortal. By the time I finish shaking hands with someone I’ve just met, I can’t remember his/her name for the life of me.

Director: Stop …Stop! … that is not the kind of introduction we are supposed to talk about here…try again please.

M.C: Mmmm, o.k., o. k … (looking dumbfounded). Accidentally introducing a nail in your foot can bring fatal consequences to your health. Tetanus and other diseases—-

Director: Stop. Stop…you frigging idiot!  That is not an introduction we are concerned with here either.This is a Writing Center in Springfield remember? We are talking about a paper here…jeez! That kind of introduction!

M.C.: Oh o.k., I get it now… (using his loudest, deepest and most resonant voice) And now, we proudly present (drumroll……………….) the Springfield Journal Register!!

Director: I’ve had it, I quit! @#$$%^^&&%$$#@^%$#%$#% (director visibly going postal) 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Moral of the story: Introductions are usually hard, especially for inexperienced writers. But before you give up with your paper because you suffer from writers’ block, anxiety, or other conundrums (I call them excuses), let me give a sound piece of advice.

You CAN get your paper started. From now on, you won’t have any more reasons for procrastination! Why?

Because even if you have jotted down absolutely nothing, or if you think that whatever you have as an “intro” is absolute garbage, you can worry about it later. Yes, later!

Get going with the content—with the meat and potatoes of your paper.  Once you feel like you have covered most of what you have to say in your text, you can always write the intro last, or tweak whatever intro you already have to best fit the ideas in your paper. As a matter of fact, many experienced writers approach the intro the same way.

Okay, you heard me…get started now. You can always come back and work on your intro. 
This handout below walks you through the process of coming up with a sound intro.

If you click on the link above the handout, it will take you to our homesite, where you can check out other resources to improve your writing skills and prepare you for academic, professional, and civic writing.

UIS The Learning Hub Handouts


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